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Optical crystal trophies are available in an exciting range of shapes and sizes. Personalised to suit your needs, a custom optical crystal trophy is perfect for any event. Ideal for corporate sales awards or annual celebrations, a trophy by Gaudio Shop has been hand-picked as part of this premium collection.

Receive a high-quality optical crystal trophy engraved with your logo and winners’ details for your event. Pick the trophy you like, enter your personalised details, and order your custom optical crystal trophy online at a time that suits you.


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Optical Crystal Trophies

Personalised Optical Crystal Trophies

Our full range of optical crystal awards are ready to be engraved and shipped to your award ceremony. The Optical Crystal range includes premium pillar awards with star-shaped detail, globe trophies and gold statue trophies mounted on an optical crystal base. Optical crystal provides a sparkling finish and these premium trophies are ideal for business and achievement awards of all kinds.