Collection: Claret Jug Trophies

Classic, graceful, and elegant; a Claret Jug trophy is nothing less than timeless. Our collection of Claret Jugs are available in multiple sizes and finishes. From detailed floral finishes to contemporary clean lines, each Claret Jug Trophy boasts an exquisite finish. Honour outstanding achievements with a captivating Claret Jug Trophy.

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Silver, Gold & Glass Golf Claret Jug Trophies

The classic golf Claret Jug epitomizes excellence. A remarkable piece to present to winners, a Claret Jug trophy will embody the excellence and achievement of your event. It’s iconic style and enduring shape is available in both gold and silver finishes. A silver Claret Jug offers a remarkable shine and pristine finish, and a gold Claret Jug is an unmistakably prestigious. For every unforgettable win, choose a personalised Clarey Jug Trophy.